Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | June 30, 2009

Catholic Truths on EWTN

I am still pulled to catholic theology and faith, despite my belief more in that I am the tao, I am the way, I am the buddha kind of stuff. So, some good catholic points. Watching EWTN, the Catholic channel, I saw a piece on Padre Pio, a 20th century franciscan who supposedly had the stigmata, has been canonized as a saint, and purportedly had many of the same powers of a taoist wizard! Bilocation, esp, invisibility, stuff like that. Do I believe it? Eh, I don’t know. But my father had a great devotion to him and so I find myself praying to him now and again, along with San Fillippo of Agira, Agira being the sicilian town my dad was born in.

Watching Bishop Fulton Sheen, the combination of his personality and 50’s tv makes for bizarre viewing, but he provided me with a lot to think about the other day because he was speaking of “training” children. When I first heard it, I was like, what?! But then I thought some, and he spoke of certain instincts we have, are born with, that need to be trained and disciplined, instincts to love, and I forget the other two at the moment, but they were good, positive instincts, or at least instincts that could and should be elevated.
It made me think back to my caholic education in grammar school and high school, and I must say, there was a lot of “training” going on, training in the sense of the way an athlete trains, but more so in the sense of how we train our pets, with a rolled up newspaper on the nose. Thinking of some of those days, I can even now smell the halls of the school! Memory is funny how it works. As a martial artist, I think we are all somewhat sympathetic to the movies where the master trains the student, sometimes unmercifully, but it works. I’m torn on the issue. I don’t have my own children, but I’m much more of a positive re-inforcement kind of guy. Although, I gotta say, I remember how my brother and I feared f’ing up if dad was gonna find out! Ha! Not like Joseph Jackson! But we was ascared nonetheless, so we did right…

Mother Angelica! Some really aggravating things come out of this woman’s mouth, but she spoke the other day on the quality of modesty. Now, I think she got the concept a bit wrong because she focused on what women are wearing in church these days. Ok, I agree one should conduct themselves with a little common sense and not go to church dressed insanely immodestly, but I think there are better ways to convey the concept of modesty. Modesty is a good thing. Figure it out.


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