Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | June 30, 2009

Buddhism and Other Spiritual Snippets

A friend has lent my “The Buddha in the Mirror” and I’m working my way through it. I am pleased with what I’ve read so far because it’s correcting some pre-concieved notions I’ve had. Some points so far, and these snippets are pretty much direct quotes:
–nam myoho renge kyo is the mystic principle that drives the universe.
–each person contains the seed of enlightenment.
–Buddhism is about action!
–Buddhism provides a practical method for overcoming obstacles and transforming oneself.
–Tapping into the vast inner potentials, we find unlimited resources of wisdom, courage, and compassion.
–our personal awakening affects the outside world at large.
–the power to achieve happiness lies totally within.
–amid the flux of impermanence, we sense an underlying rhythm, a hum or a pulse, defined by Nichiren as myoho renge kyo–we can tap into this limitless potential.

So much of what is said so far is in agreement with the tai chi way, the taoist way, and in many ways with the catholic way, with the exception here that we are not imploring a god for salvation, we realize here that we are the buddha ourselves.


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