Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | June 26, 2009

The Taoist View of Michael Jackson’s Death

Training at the mall for my new job, stopped to get coffee, and they have a TV up and the news broke. Michael Jackson, the king of pop, dead at the age of 50. Iconic. Talented. I’ve always believed that people are a conglomeration of energy, and that some people have a heavier concentration of certain energies than others. I believe when I was born, I got some blues energy, some writing energy, and some tai chi energy. Michael Jackson got an overdose of talent in music, performance, and creativity. I don’t dismiss some of the eccentricities and possible scandalous behavior, but these are things I have no real knowledge of.

As an aside, one of the few things still in the trunk of my car from my move from my home three years ago is a paperback book given to me when I was a kid on The Jackson Five. I almost tossed it in a dumpster a few days ago! Glad I kept it.

I also want to take a moment to acknowledge the talent of Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett. Yes, I too had the poster on my wall in college, but I was watching Baretta, not her show, which right at the moment I can’t think of the name, wow…Charlie’s Angels…ok…

So, taoism. Energies, forces, seasons, balance. Yin/yang. Michael Jackson was about to begin a tour designed to get him out of debt. He too was trying to extricate himself. Money. The enslaver. The world grabs us around the throat and shakes us and won’t let go. Unless we let go. Unless we set our priorities straight.

It’s a wonderful thing to me to be able to leave behind a legacy, something that will live beyond us. All three of these celebrities have created a wonderful canon for future generations. I don’t think their contributions are miniscule in the light of the rest of history. Certainly I wouldn’t compare them to the Great Works as my fellow blogger Alamanach wrote about recently, but they were bright reflections of the tao that deserve a moment.

Death comes to us all. Sometimes we have time to prepare. Sometimes it comes unexpected. I’ve lost several wonderful friends and acquaintances lately. And I am still dreaming of my father three years after his passing. With my Dad and Mom, I suppose my brother and I are their legacy. And with my Dad, as he got older, I tried to make sure we did all the right things. I was very happy we celebrated his 90th, that we were at my brother’s for Christmas.

You know, when you see film of the earth from space, you tend to put things in perspective and perhaps think of humanity as insignificant. But good people, wonderful people, they shine deep into space, they are significant, they are holy, they are sacred, they are the source of life and have returned to it.



  1. This triad of passing represents a balance of entertainment with the Art of interview being Ed’s contribution, drama was Farrah’s life and the music and dance innovation of Michael, but also their age span is interesting . .

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