Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | June 25, 2009

The Party’s Over; Goodbye Unemployment

So, I started a new job this week as a manager in a retail business, and man, it’s kicking my ass. I’m training in a busy store, and every time I start to learn something, more customers come in and my learning gets put off. My legs are killing me! I had been in retail for the last 10 years, but I had that job down–wei wu wei–no mind. The learning curve on this job is gonna be huge, but a number of people have already reached out to me to offer help and I am confident I will be successful at it. It’s just tough, at 48, to be learning something new, and having to spend the time until it becomes wu wei.

The last few months have been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life, a gift from the universe. The only bad part of it was the anxiety of being out of work and wanting to be working again. But while I took care of that side of my business, I was able to spend my days doing my tai chi repertoire, started this blog, creating the youtube channel, and working on the project of filming myself teaching the wu and yang style tai chi long forms, with step by step instruction, not condensing it, teaching as I did when I had the studio, and clips on 4 different styles of qi gong. I hope to be able to offer these lessons to the public soon.

Solitude, the contemplative life are impotant to me. I hope to be able to create for myself that life, to learn to extracate myself from the way things are now. But in whatever milieu I find myself, I strive to be the tai chi person. But, for now, I already miss my mini vacation, and have to learn for now how to do this stuff that I love in my spare time while I go about making a living to pay the bills.


  1. Thanks Donna. I miss my four months of contemplative life, and I know I need to be doing what I’m doing, but, man, I’m gonna keep plugging away till I can extricate myself fully. One regret I sort of have in life is not getting my masters when I had the chance…I thought it was interesting in Buddhist terms to think that I am embracing samsara to escape samsara. I wonder if that makes sense…

  2. It’s good to have work in this drought.

    To think I stepped away willingly! And now I’m feeling the pinch. Looking forward to going back in the fall – never thought I’d say that!

    Two things I’m going to study one day: waterpainting and Tai Chi.

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