Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | June 25, 2009

CoQ10 Supplementation

There is some indication that coenzyme q 10 can be helpful for various health issues. Coq10 is naturally produced in the body, but with age, and certain illnesses, it gets depleted. It works in every cell of the body helping with aerobic activity, which is interesting in cancer because cancer cells are anaerobic; they can’t live in oxygen, they feed on sugar. So the theory would be to oxygenate cells to kill cancer cells. This is not proven effectual yet, and there is some question as to whether cancer cells prevent aeration.

There is also indication that coq10 is helpful in heart attack prevention and recovery, and hypertension. As with most alternative therapies, established medical authorities claim that no adequate studies have been made to prove their efficacy, but there is question as to whether these studies are allowed to take place.

I personally am supplementing with vitamin D, and have just recently started supplementing with coq10 for energy production and heart health. Anecdotally, vitamin D has been great for me. I found my immune system to be much healthier since taking vitamin D. As for coq10, I’ve just gone on it, so if I don’t kick it from a heart attack any time soon, I’ll fill you in on it’s efficacy for me. Here are 2 sites which talk about coq10 but if you are interested in it as part of an alternative protocol, search the web thoroughly and check out the book by Tanya Harter Pierce.
site 1
site 2



  1. you should also try ubiquinol. I get mine here : basically, it’s like a coq10 supplement, but for people over 30. If I read correctly, the ability of the body to reduce coq10 to ubiquinol is also negatively affected

    • thanks mikee, you’re correct, the coq10 you find in most pharmacies contain ubiquinone which the body then has to covert. getting it as uboiquinol is better. there are some other things one can do to improve the cardiovascular system which i’m looking in to, particularly related to vit. c.

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