Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | June 20, 2009

Mudras: Yoga in Your Hands

There’s a wonderful book on my shelf I pull down from time to time by a Gertrud Hirsch called Mudras, Yoga in Your Hands. I’ve always enjoyed mudras(hand formations as a meditation practice and reflexological practice for health, based on pressure points and meridians and mind intent), and remember doing all kinds of forms with my hands and fingers as a kid late and night, mesmerized by the postures, not really knowing what I was doing.

It is amazing how a part of your body can “reflect” the rest of your body. This goes for the hands and feet as well. The book has a lot of good info, and even shows which mudras are good for particular ailments or which ones will help develop areas of emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

In tai chi, in a limited amount, there are a type of mudra formed with the hands. And over the years, I have adopted different hand postures for my seated meditation, although normally in meditation I simply leave my palms open and facing up, resting on my lap.

There’s a lot of research and exploration that has gone on in this field, so I think it’s worth taking a look at, and maybe add it to your repertoire when you have time.

And maybe after I develop all my other projects, I’ll come up with a tai chi form for the hands and fingers!


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