Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | June 19, 2009

Salvific Vision and the Blood of Christ

Within the Christian context, I’ve always liked the metaphor of God “Purchasing” us with the blood of Christ on the cross. It meant that we could not become the “property” of “satan” because we were already bought and paid for, and the papers were signed, sealed and delivered. But it hit me today, that the metaphor is a bit off, because it puts the issue in the context of money, and the truth is, God did not “ransom” us with cash money. It is through the sacrifce of his son that we receive salvation, not money. So, that’s it. Christ did not come down with a black bag with bundles of 20’s. He gave of himself, he sacrificed himself.

If you step outside of the christian context altogether, the concept that we are creation, we were disobedient, we need a messiah to save us, christ is that messiah, if you step outside of that, and choose, say, to operate in a taoist context, that the universe and everything in it is born spontaneously out of wuji, out of stillness, out of a primordial chaotic mix, and that life is a life of growth, development, and evolution of the the human spirit to bigger and better things, then there is no buying and selling, no great sacrifice on the part of a god, just the majestic grandeur of the Way itself, and the recognition that we are that Way ourselves.

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