Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | June 18, 2009

Are Pastor Melissa Scott and Lady Gaga the Same Person?

So, while waiting to see if Pastor Melissa Scott would be on last night, I caught another preacher from a show called the Wordl Tomorrow, and he was telling us that the end times and times of tribulation was a coming! Damn, and I was just getting my act together, and now it’s all gonna end! And then, she came on. It wasn’t blacked out. She beat a dead horse with the salvation by faith thru grace versus salvation by good works issue, worked the greek language like a pro, and made her argument.

It is a fascinating concept, for a christian at least, to understand that we are bought and paid for by the blood of Christ on the cross. Think about this. Now, theologically, I disagree minorly, if that’s a word, because I do believe that a person, if they are a christian, still needs to affirm their faith, which they have received by the grace of God, by doing good works. It becomes a sillogistic argument, because if we said, well what if a person saved by the blood of Christ did bad things, are they still saved, and the argument is, well, since they’ve been saved by faith thru grace they wouldn’t want to do bad things, something like that, so it becomes a moot point, except that they are adamant about the fact that they believe there is nothing you can do to save yourself; salvation comes only thru Christ, paid for by his blood. All well and good, and if you don’t believe in a “salvific” concept, it doesn’t matter anyway!

And now for the good part.  At the end of the show, she made the pitch for money, and you know, even channel thirteen drives me nuts asking for donations, so, that’s the perogative of a program like this, to ask for money. But then she sang a medley of songs, and one of them was “Up-up-up-up ahead, I hear music, and I believe there’s a heaven above.” The syncopation of the “p’s” was vaguely familiar, and then it hit me! “P-p-p-pokerface, p-p-poker face!” Could it be? Is it possible? Are Pastor Melissa Scott and Lady Gaga the same person?

To hear a portion of Melissa Scott singing up up up up ahead, go here. then you can compare the syncopation of the p’s and make your own decision.


  1. I Love Pastor Melissa Scott.She is brilliant in Gods word! Let’s keep the Past,Just there in the past!
    Our Lord has Mighty Things for her to finish. God Bless Her always,Could say more, No need.

  2. The difference is magic.

    Melissa Scott has magic. Yup.

    She can even make your posts disappear!

    Heck, she made her ENTIRE past vanish into
    thin air! She’s the pastor with no past.

    Nobody knows her real birthday, her real name,
    where she was born, anything about her family
    or hometown either.

    Try to find out what high school she went to if
    you want to take up this challenge. It’ll prove how
    much she really has to hide from you.

    Heck, you could find out that kind of information about Suze Orman, or Joan Rivers……..
    why not Pastor Barbie?

    Like I said before nobody cares about her porn past, it’s all about getting on with life without
    fear and nondisclosure.

    There’s got to be better things to do than watch
    a charlatan on TV isn’t there?

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