Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | June 17, 2009

Coffee with Pastor Melissa Scott

So, it’s a crazy world. Here I am sitting at a Starbucks in New Jersey after a crazy day meeting my new bosses, visiting the store I’ll be working in, then jetting down to visit my aunt, and coming here to work on the blog and stuff, and who walks in, Pastor Melissa Scott, and she walks right up to me with tears in her eyes and slaps me across the face and says, “why are you doing this to me?” Just kidding, not, no Melissa Scott here in my coffee shop haven. But she wasn’t on again last night, and really, tonight will be the last real night I’ll have a chance to be mesmerized by her, so I hope she’s on. What would I say to her? A lot. I’d listen. I’d try to discern the truth. I’d try to be pastoral. How’s that, I would be pastoral to the pastor.



  1. Ya know, I have watched Pastor Scott for nearly two years, or is it three….anyway, she has grown so much in her presentation, and her own knowledge. She does all of her own investigation now, and does not just regurgitate what her late husband said. I have learned a lot from her, and have a new understanding of the Bible. It amazes me how she put in history and other languages, and then stirs the pot and comes up with a way for us to use her teaching in our lives. I would love to go to LA and visit her church one of these days. Thanks for not putting a bunch of smut in your comments about her, like several other sites do.

    • Hi Kathy. I’ve tried to be fair, especially since I wrote about her before I knew any of her past. I tried to stay up last night to watch and she was speaking of women’s roles. and it looked really good but I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I wonder if any of it got into my subconscious. I would say, however, as much as Pastor Scott has been a great source of ideas for me, I would be careful about visiting and such without looking into it. The invitation only stuff and the security guards and such are red flags. Be wise. Peace.

  2. Would you believe I have no friggin’ idea who this person is?

    Who do I have a thing for? Hmm… This should be a blog!

    They’re usually musicians – here are two: Michael McDonald & Scott Weiland:)

    • I wouldn’t have known either except for being laid off for a while and watching late night tv. She’s an interesting personality and unique in that world of television ministry in that she does come across as beautiful smart, a woman. It’s usually guys like Jimmy Swaggert doing this stuff…

      Michael Macdonald, hmmm, is it the beard or the voice?

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