Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | June 16, 2009

Where’d Melissa Scott Go?

I stayed up late last night to get my fix of Pastor Melissa Scott, and she wasn’t on. The TV Guide said it would be on, but all I got was a blank screen. I miss it because, despite the controversy, I enjoy the message somewhat, it gives me food for thought. So, prior to that, I caught some of Oral Roberts son and daughter in law, and man, they got this sow the seed for the harvest thing going on. You can even purchase a media package that tells you how to do it right! So look, I think there’s some merit in the idea, the original idea of sowing seed for an eventual harvest, but for us, we have to really do it right. If you plant a seed in the desert, it aint gonna grow, and that’s kinda how I view these ministries. But we can and should sow seeds. The best seeds to sow have nothing to do with money. A job application is a seed, school is a seed, practicing tai chi on a daily basis is a seed, reading a book is a seed. So, sow some seeds, and then let them grow. Nurture them, but don’t force them. You can’t pull on a plant to make it grow faster. And sometimes sowing seeds does involve money, like tuition, buying books, making charitable gifts, helping a friend in need. This sowing of seeds is not just akin to making an investment. It is believing that there are actual laws of the universe guiding these things, that there is something connecting our actions, connecting us, a karmic law of sorts. Kind words and smiles are excellent seeds to sow.

So I channel surfed a bit instead and I couldn’t tell you what I watched. OH, I fell asleep to, what was it, the catholic channel I think. I hope that stuff didn’t get too buried in my subconscious mind!

As for Melissa Scott, she’s supposed to be on tonight. I’ve been warned. But, you know, I still see a spark in her, there’s something positive going on, and maybe she just has to make her way like everybody else.



  1. Has everyone missed the fact that while she may have been a stripper in her former life..she is now anointed with the Holy Spirit. We remember the adultrous women that the towns people were going to stone. Jesus asked “who among you is without sin”. He told the woman her sins were forgiven.
    I also like the history behind her teachings

  2. Comparing Melissa Scott to a stripper is a pretty ridiculous thing to do. She doesn’t demand money at all. All she does is examine the scriptures in their near purest form and challenges you to think about them as well. Shes brilliant.

    • You know, as long as we all use common sense, it’s all good. What attracted me really in the first place was that I have a love, as an english major, for the etymology of words and examining text word by word. It doesn’t hurt that she is attractive. I do have to admit, though, that lately, I’ve just been getting lost in what she’s saying and have kind of lost interest, but, it’s worth taking a look at everything. Thanks for commenting.

      • yes, I too like etymology. her work has given me “aha moments”. i applaud her work because you can tell she’s really into etymology and doing the public a service. when it comes to etymology, she’s tough to beat. so for her focus and what she brings to the table, the word “service” is fitting, in my opinion. PS please delete my comment from a few minutes ago. thank you.

  3. I have to admit, I’ve never been to a titty bar nor had a lapdance, so maybe that’s why my intuition isn’t picking up the danger radar signs, but then again, maybe it is and it’s ok, as long as she dowsn’t get my money, that is…

  4. The Godshow pretend church TV thing is indeed
    a tragic look at modern Christianity right between the eyes.

    Do people really believe this stuff? I guess so.

    How many times is Melissa going to say she doesn’t beg for money and then “teach” on how if you don’t give you’re going to Hell?

    How many times is she going to pull the plug on your TV channel and say you are not full of “faith”
    (the twisted definition of course) therefore no more of “God’s Word” for your city?

    The spark you see in Melissa is a narcissistic response to her getting what she wants, her hand
    in your wallet. It’s like the girl in the titty bar who
    has a cute smile and asks if you’d like a lap dance. Yup, that very same spark ya know.

    Good times eh wot?

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