Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | June 15, 2009

David Carradine’s Posthumous Contribution to Blogging

When I heard of David Carradine’s passing, I wrote about it to give him a respectful goodbye. As news came out concerning the circumstances, I tried to make each successive blog positive and uplifting, talking about tai chi and taoist principles instead of prurient interests. If David Carradine had simply died in his sleep, I think the world still would have paid attention, but perhaps not with such zeal. A large portion of the population like to read about things like autoerotic asphyxiation, watch shoes like New York and Flavor Flav.

Thanks to the story, and an odd thing where wordpress made my blog the featured blog for a while–I don’t know how that happened–my blog went over 5,000 views today, which made me happy. But, like the teaching and handing down of tai chi, I think blogging has a responsibility to have integrity, be truthful, and abide by proper principles. Our life is full of delusion and illusion. Our lives are hard as we all make our way and make a living. The truths of tai chi, as any spiritual pursuit, offers humanity a positive world view, a way out, or actually a proper way in. Just like Benedictine monasticism, as Thomas Merton said many times, the monastic life is not an escape, but a model of living in the world, not outside of it.

So, let’s make the David Carradine story a contribution to the uplifting of people. Check out yinyangnature’s clips from the original kungfu series to hear words of wisdom from the mouths of characters. Check out some of the sublime moments of tai chi practice. Embody a little Kwai Chang Caine in oyur daily life.


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