Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | June 15, 2009

Cloud Watching

I’m an avid cloud watcher and today is a beautiful day for clouds. Large, puffy, and constantly changing shapes, slowly, as if they are doing their own tai chi form, one posture into the next, fluidly, smoothly, you hardly notice that the giant boxer with his gloves up has morphed intoa sitting bullfrog, and that the bullfrog is changing into a sleeping baby. I’ve seen cloud shows that are like the Macy’s Day Parade, coming directly at you from the front, as giant balloon shaped clouds process gracefully through the blue sky.

I don’t know if this makes me a contemplative or a bum, but it’s a great opportunity for fantasy, creativity, and self awareness, taking a look at what you see in the shapes of clouds.



  1. Read the beautiful Truly, Madly ,Deeply script. The play references possibility of life after death. A scene of clouds influences a conversation between two women. One is pregnant, the other a language tutor. Later, the cloud game is played between two lovers. The idea of clouds suggests comtemplation of life ; new life in birth; universal poetry of life.

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