Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | June 13, 2009

Wei-wu-wei; the Art of Living

It is a rainy Saturday morning here in North Jersey. June has been a very rainy month. Rain is good, but I prefer the sun. Don’t we all, except, I guess farmers and a few others. So I’ve gotten up, had breakfast, did a round of wu style tai chi, and sat back to read some of the Tao Te Ching. All things are born of the tao. The tao runs through and fills all things. All things return to the source, the tao. We are not created, we are born.
Man follows the earth; earth follows the universe; the universe follows the tao; the tao follows only itself(Stephen Mitchell translation). These are the four great powers.

Observe the way of things and then follow. Allow the tao to be and go along. Let go of conscious desire and need to control things. Stay to the center of the circle. Live close to nature. So many truths in the Tao te Ching to contemplate. “I drink from the great mother’s breasts.”(#20). Stop trying to force things. Let the answers arise on their own, they will come. Sometimes the tao doesn’t act fast enough for us. We are in a hurry. We perceive that some great disaster will befall us if we don’t resolve some conflict right now. Many savvy salesmen exploit this thought process. Buy now, you may not be able to get one later. You’ll never see this kind of deal again. RElax. Be soft. Be pliant. Fear is illusion. Hope is illusion. Fear and hope are two sides of a coin. Accept the gift of life and enjoy it. Be joyful. When you let go you have everything.

I have one more week of the gift of unemployment and then it’s back to work for me. I found a job, or really, I should say, the job found me. So I am grateful for this gift I’ve had of freedom the last few months; will enjoy this last week, and will step into the new season with wide eyes. And, I hope to continue learning to live the simple life, the life of being natural and unassuming and at peace and in harmony with the great way of things.

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