Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | June 11, 2009

Follow Your Dreams

I’m an aries, and my horoscope today told me to follow my dreams, literally! That is, my dreams were trying to tell me what to do and I should listen. It’s interesting because I started keeping a journal of my dreams again recently. I don’t subscribe to a particular type of dream interpretation. I like Jungian analysis, but I’m not very adept at it. I also believe, in a sense, some of the Freudian stuff, that dreams are just things we wish for, sort of a wish fulfillment. I see it as your brain processing things at night that need to be made sense of, that you haven’t dealt with well enough in a waking state, and deals with some of your desires as well. It’s interesting that I heard a radio psychologist mention a type of dream where you are always discovering new rooms to houses, rooms that don’t actually exist. I’ve had those types of dreams often, even entire floors, like a whole fourth floor to a three story home, but she didn’t elaborate so I’m not sure what it means.

A lot of my dreams lately have been about my dad, who passed away in 2006, and believe it or not, using my tai chi in fighting situations, and escaping from various scenarios. So, maybe I’m trying to break free, to get away. I’m not ready to follow that dream quite yet because I haven’t extricated myself fully from my debt, but I’m working on it. Then it might be time to follow that dream.(Don’t worry, I’m pursuing my dreams, doing the tai chi, but ultimately, I think I might want to just clear out to the mountains!)


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