Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | June 11, 2009

The Mysterious Melissa Scott

So I watched Pastor Scott last night, and I admit, my viewing was affected a bit by what I learned about her. And, the lecture last night was on the theology of giving. Now, a case can be made, without much fanfare or argument that a congregation should make offerings to the church. There’s nothing wrong with that. And it’s everywhere in the bible, from Abel making nice sacrifices to Cain making bad ones. What is important, however, to me, is the transparency of the church finances, any church, and what the money is used for. I remember being a bit put off seeing our bishop tooling around in a limo. I’d rather see my offering used for something else. Of course, the argument is that Christ made it clear that it was better that the expensive oil be used on his feet than for the poor. But, pastors may seem to take this to themselves, and it’s wrong. I don’t know if Melissa Scott is one of those pastors. But the question is, if the offerings of the people are being used for the selfishness, enrichment, greed, and lavish lifestyle of the pastor, well, then there’s a problem. Argue all you want, it ain’t right.

And just a note on language, since she purports to be a linguist with 20 languages under her belt. I’ve heard her mispronounce two words in the last two nights, and it was jarring. I wondered if it was just due to geographic accent or just a skip in the brain, but last night she pronounced endowed as “endued.” And the other night, caricature was pronounced, ca-ric’ature, with the emphasis on the second syllable. Now, maybe I’ve been saying it wrong all these years, but I don’t think so. If I hear her utter “my-raid” for myriad or Hor’-izon for hor-i’-zon, then I’ll know it’s time to run for the hills. Maybe she’s just getting her languages mixed up.

By the way, she mocked guys like me sitting at home lying on our couches with our feet up saying, hm, nice program, but not giving, so that kinda was like, oh well…But, she’s still a hottie. And perhapas God does work in mysterious ways and the vessel he has chosen blahblahblahblashblah….



  1. “Of course, the argument is that Christ made it clear that it was better that the expensive oil be used on his feet than for the poor.”

    That’s interesting, it sounds like you have a different take on that passage than I do. I don’t think he made it so clear. The oil was right for him in that one time and place, but this was a man who gave anything to anyone who asked (rather Taoist, actually). The important think to remember is time. Usually we would see sell the oil for the poor or something, as usual. But usual doesn’t always exist. The world is constantly in flux (also rather Taoist), time is always happening. That one moment was an unusual time in which oil for Jesus’ feet was the right thing. The moment came quietly and passed quickly, and then it was gone.

    Time is a major theme throughout the Bible. The Old Testament is a chronicle of history that sees God in historical events. It has emphasis on history, on tradition, and on the creation of a people over time. The New Testament radically reverses time and looks not to the past, but to the future. It is just as much a chronicle of history, but one that looks forward instead of back.

    Where there is time there is change. As history and creation unfold, different moments are continuously appearing, growing, and then fading away, replaced by new moments. Jesus’ role in any given moment changes with the circumstances. Now he is a techer, later a prisoner. Here he is crowned king, there he is attacking money changers. He is a healer, he is an infant. Jesus is many things, but not all at once, and not all of the time. For one moment there, he enjoyed the luxury of some oil. Then the moment was gone, and he went on to other things.

  2. very funny! you made me chuckle. I’d use the joke myself but none of my friends really know who she is…that’s my message…ha!

  3. Hey Mike,

    I’m just trying to shed some light on the subject
    here about The Scott Cult and the irreverent
    Melissa Scott aka Barbie Bridges.

    I don’t know much about Tai Chi but I do know
    you did some follow up research to your curiosity about Melissa Scott and that to me shows truth-seeking insight, a window into your soul.

    A Philosopher you are!

    Philosophy………(writing on scribbleboard)

    In the Greek, two words…..

    Philos meaning, love…..
    and Sophia meaning, wisdom…..

    ……and that’s my message! (tee hee).

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