Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | June 9, 2009

Pastor Melissa Scott

So, I’m going to admit it, I have become infatuated with Pastor Melissa Scott of the University Cathedral Church in Los Angeles, who I caught on TV late at night surfing channels. Maybe intrigued is a better word. I am intrigued with her, and ok, I like her too. She’s a beautiful woman, with long beautiful hair and piercing eyes. She wears a protestant collar and a long black coat while she’s preaching. She’s an intellectual and a scholar, more a teacher than a preacher, and her approach is text based and language based. She loves grammar and can go on for an hour explaining the difference between, or the importance of a word being interpreted as a noun or a verb or in the perfect tense(you still got me on that one!), and she can do it in greek, latin, aramaic, hebrew, and english, old english and new english! She’s a smart person. Her message? It is not by works but by faith alone that we are saved. She presents it as the most important dispute of all time. She seems to hold the book of James in disdain because it might suggest you can save yourself by performing good works, God forbid! So, God bless her, I’m still infatuated with her. She has an accent that I can’t place. It’s subtle but it’s there. One night, while watching, she actually said where she was from but I was dozing off and missed it! So, I’ll find out eventually. I know she went to L.A. and married the founder of the church, Dr. Gene Scott, who is no longer alive, but she carries on the work.

She said something about self help or self improvement; she said, run the other way because it’s not of Jesus Christ, something to that effect. So, if we met, would she run away from me like I was Satan himself? I believe in me. I believe in self help, self improvement, developing the self. I’ve written about the proper principles of tai chi and of taoism, correct behavior, virtue. Is it so far apart. Is there a divide that would keep us from being friends? I don’t know. The only way to get a hold of her is by real mail or a 1 800 number. I’m not about to do either. I would have shot her an e mail if there was an address. I find her fascinating and interesting.

In the meantime, I look forward to watching her Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights at 1 am in the morning. Perhaps she would say it’s the holy spirit acting in my life! Ha! Maybe it is!



  1. Mike,

    My friend, Melissa Scott is the one person you should stay away from. If you think her socalled teaching is something, it just means you yourself haven’t taken the time to really find out if she is pulling the wool over your eyes or not.

    Believe me, she is no teacher or preacher by any means. She is the leader of The Scott Cult, a Christian-like organization that milks little old ladies dry of their pensions and puts people to work like slaves for no pay or but for the very same “works” in Heaven that she preaches about!

    It’s not only a double standard, but it is pure BS in it’s most evil of forms.

    Of course you are infatuated by her, she is indeed
    porn actress Barbie Bridges from Barbie Bridges
    Entertainment. Your eyes have not played tricks on you, except for the fact that her ability to properly decipher dead languages is also pure BS.

    I’m not just talking out of my behind either. I was
    a follower of Gene Scott for 2/3rd of my life until
    I woke up and realized someone re-arranged the

    If it’s worth anything, maybe this response is
    the holy spirit telling you to beware.

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