Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | June 6, 2009

Kwai Chang Caine on the Death of David Carradine

Young Caine: Master, why did he have to die?
Master Po: It is the way of things. Sometimes, we lose sight of the true path and lose our way.
Young Caine: But how could he have lost his way?
Master Po: You must not confuse the man with the character he played on TV. Which is more of an illusion, a role we play or the delusion of real life?
Young Caine: I do not understand.
Master Po: As Kwai Chang Caine, the man understood the way, was on the right path. As himself, he was betrayed by his own delusion and attachments. It is sad how easy a good man can be led astray.
Young Caine: Was his death the result of karma?
Master Po: It is not for us to judge a man.
Young Caine: Who will play me in the future?
Master Po: The show has been off the air for a long time now. The older you already is.

From The Legend Continues:

Peter: Pop, the actor who played you is dead.
Caine(shrugging his shoulders): There is nothing I can do about that.
Peter: I need to find out what happened. I’m going to the police station.
Caine: Peter, do not chase after phantoms you cannot catch.
The Ancient: We must remember the good things about him and not let our memory be tainted.
Peter: But Pop, why would he do this?
Caine: I…do not know.
The Ancient: The true self is not defined by one fault.
Peter: Do you think Tan had anything to do with it?
Caine: I…do not know.


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