Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | June 2, 2009

Susan Boyle, Lady Gaga, GM, Pop Culture and Taoism

So Susan Boyle lost in the finals of Britain’s Got Talent, and it’s a story filled with pathos that may still have a good ending. A woman, living in relative obscurity, becomes the most downloaded person in youtube history basically because we are all a bunch of jerkoffs; I mean, come on, how can an older, not so attractive person actually sing! So we were all so surprised when she actually had a voice…and, I don’t know this woman, but didn’t she get sucked into it and buy into it, and I have to ask myself, what’s wrong with that, wanting to be recognized for her talent, and she seemed to handle herself with class. But it was too much for now.

Now Lady Gaga, there’s a popular person who has exploded onto the pop culture scene, and I can’t get that song out of my he-he-head, my he-head. (I thought she was saying, carry my carry my, carry my poker face, but she’s saying can’t read my…).

GM went bankrupt yesterday. The classic cars…gone…re-tooling…perhaps being forced to adapt to the change…it’s said. I love classic things, levi’s, coke, cheverolet. GM hasn’t been making classic cars for a while, so the truth is, they changed a long time ago. But it’s sad to see them going under and to see the numbers of working people becoming unemployed.

So, the taoist view is not one of judgment. I’m not writing about Susan Boyle, Lady Gaga, or GM to criticize them. I just wondered how a taoist views what’s going on in the world. And right there, is this what’s going on in the world or is it the distraction that keeps us from seeing what’s really going on in the world. And even in that matrix, is it possible to be centered and aware and watch what’s going on around you, to allow the world to arrange itself. Maybe Lady Gaga is the only one having fun right now, but she’s in that ocean with GM and Susan Boyle getting thrown about on the waves.

Poker Face!



  1. Thanks – now I’ve got that song on loop in my head Can’t Read My Can’t Read My… I was wondering what she was really saying. I’m more of a rock and roll girl, but anyway. She was on Ellen, too. Looks like I watch Ellen too much, haha.

    • Pa pa pa poker face, pa pa poker face.

  2. I guess a taoist sees it as neither. It just is. The GM thing is more significant because it involves peoples lives and right to work and make a living. The Susan Boyle thing is amazing because of how people get played by what they think is important. As for Lady Gaga, don’t we all put on a p-p-poker face that needs to be stripped away in order to let the authentic self through?

  3. Is it the insignificance of it all which is significant or vice versa?

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