Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | June 1, 2009

Being Centered in Tai Chi

In tai chi, we recognize the center line that runs down the middle of the body, through the crown point of the head down in front of the spine and out the perineum. We turn on this axis and maintain this center. Defensively, in all kung fu, including tai chi chuan, we protect the center line. Coupled with the focus on the dan tien and ming men(lower back), we sink into our posture, centered, and rooted and balanced. Is this the most important lesson in tai chi? I think it is. Everything else comes from here. Is it the most applicable lesson to life? Again, I think it is. You can deal with a lot if you are centered, focused, concentrating, aware, and alert.

A fellow blogger, Robin,(to see her blog click on Obeymyblog to your right) is about to begin Pakua(bagua) Chang lessons, and I love the beginning postures of pakua(I’m not a practitioner of pakua yet, just an admirer) as you raise one hand palm out other palm under the elbow, you look with youe eyes with excellent mind intent, and you begin to walk the circle.

So, center yourself. I learned many years ago how to do centering prayer, bringing your mind down, at that time, focusing and meditating on Christ, or another word, and being centered. This centeredness connects you to the rest of the universe, or actually, since we are already connected, helps you to recognize the connection to the wellspring of your subconscious mind and gives you access to the collective unconscious.


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