Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | May 27, 2009

On the Death of Exodus Tyson

What would a tai chi philospopher/taoist say to a man like Mike Tyson, a man who grew up in a milieu that was brutal and unforgiving, that turned him into an animal that learned to survive, who became the heavyweight boxing champion of the world, who engaged in wild behavior, who seems to have become more introspective, even more humble, more understanding of the truth, and then is hit with the tragedy of his daughter’s accidental death?

I don’t think any parent can handle the death of a child. It is a time for mourning and sadness. Some people are able to move forward, to create a lasting legacy for their child, to celebrate the time they did have. But what do you say? There’s nothing to say. Sometimes life deals you some serious blows. There’s a tongue in cheek blog I came across entitled shit happens and it explains all the major philosophies and religions in a sentence or two related to the phrasse “shit happens.” The taoist perspective, “shit happens.” Click the link here to see the rest of shit happens.


  1. my pleasure. FYI, when you click on your photo or name it doesn’t go to your site. My link still works in the article but you might want to check your photo to see if it has linking powers!


  2. Thank you for posting my blog in your article .. You gained a friend . Best wishes .

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