Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | May 23, 2009

Youtube, WordPress, and Community

I love youtube and I love blogging! I’m addicted. First thing I do is check my e mail, check my blog, see how many hits, if anyone has commented, I love getting comments and entering into dialogue, although it seems to die after one or two responses. I love checking out my youtube videos and I get a kick that people are watching my videos in chile, bahrain, the uk, the phillipines, canada. That’s so wild. I also love browsing videos and seeing all the other stuff out there on tai chi, qi gong, pakua(bagua) praying mantis. I’ve been watching boxing tips videos, trying to see what aspects of western boxing can and should be encorporated into tai chi. Where else can you see so many masters, sifus, teachers do their thing. What a treasure trove. On the one hand, sometimes it feels like my blog and youtube channel is like a needle in a haystack, but on the other hand, it’s amazing how people stumble onto your site, and the community, hopefully gets larger. There’s a small group of you that I’ve made “friends” with in the sense that we read each other’s entries on a regular basis. I look forward to your new stuff every day.


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