Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | May 22, 2009

Cancer and Alternative Therapy

It takes a great deal of research and time and effort to try to put together an alternative protocol. I don’t have the answer. I would hope that my practice of tai chi and chi kung would help protect me. But I’ver read of wonderful tai chi teachers dying of cancer, so it’s not a panacea. What would I gravitate towards? A juicer, green tea, but I’d have to find out if green tea is an alkaline or acidic food, alkalizing the blood ph, vitamin D, I would research a vitamin regimen. Unrelated to this specifically, but maybe not, I’m interested in Coq10 and omega 3 fish oils, and even omega 6.

It’s interesting to understand how cancer cells work. From what I understand, they are anaerobic, which means they do not use oxygen to survive, they feed on sugar. I’ve heard that cancer cells cannot survive an oxygen rich environment, but the walls of their cells prevent oxygen and immune antibodies from getting in. (This, I think, is the basis of protocel, to reduce the cellular vibration of the cell so that the cell wall is penetrable). But if cancer cells feed on sugar, think you might cut down on sugar?

I don’t know what the efficacy of these therapies is, but they are worth researching.

As for qi gong, meditation, and tai chi, we have to understand that within this framework, illness is stagnation in the body, sort of energy condensed into matter in the case of cancer cells. So we would want to use the mind and movements to dissolve this unwanted matter and just let it floe out of the body, from ice, to water, to steam. Flowing energy like a powerwash cleansing every cell. OUr bodies have an incredible ability to heal themselves, so we should use it. Your body knows what to do. Visualize it and it will make it happen.


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