Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | May 16, 2009

Finding My Way

Do we find our way in life, or does the way find us? Or do we make our own way? Is there a way and we develop our awareness so that we can recognize it? Is there a need to even find a way if it might be the case that we are already on the way and just don’t know it. Or should we be a real man and be like Frank Sinatra and do it my way? All good fundamental questions on how to approach life. Perhaps it’s a mixture of both, a co-creation, a participation in making the way. Take the way you’re on and make it your way? (I found love on a two way street, and lost it on an open highway. remember that song!) Anyway, lead the way, follow the way, be the way, there must be some kinda way out of here, said the joker to the…I’m bad at lyrics…Zen, stop looking for the way and you will find the way…it’s my way or the highway…


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