Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | May 14, 2009

Flowing Like A River in Tai Chi

When we first learn tai chi, we learn piece by piece, and tend to stop at the end of a posture and then move on to the next move. It is important that a posture be given its time, but after we learn the form, it come time to begin flowing like a river so that there are no stops in tai chi, one move flows into the next, and eventually 108 moves become one move. Foe example, when we are all taught Single Whip, for the first time, we hold the pose proudly and act as if we have achieved something. But a more proper practice would be to enter the posture, open up fully into it, allowing the joints to open, the tendons and ligaments to stretch, and then, without stopping, fold into the next move, or circle into it. In Wu style, I began with my left hand waving past my face, twisting the palm out, and hitting the posture. Now, I am practicing more often waving the hand past twisting palm out, but also executing a small circle of the arm from the elbow so that the posture is evident but I can roll into the next move. I don’t know if you can visualize this the way I’m writing it, so I might have to do a small demo video to show what I mean. In the meantime, try to make your tai chi flow like a river. This doesn’t automatically mean just doing it faster. It means circling and spiraling in a nd out like a master!



  1. I do hope you find a job, and your way, or better yet, both.

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