Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | May 13, 2009

Ufc, mixed martial arts and Tai chi

I’ve had the opportunity lately to watch some mixed martial arts competitions on TV and it’s a lot of fun. These guys are hard core, good fighters who have undergone a lot of training and know their sport well.  The ground fighting techniques are superior, and it’s wild to see that one good punch can knock out a very tough, strong opponent. So, here’s the question: how would a tai chi trained martial artist do against one of these guys, how would I do against one of these guys. Now, I don’t know what all the rules are for cage fighting. I can see that elbows and knees are ok, even to the head, even foot stomping, but   fingers to the eyes and shots to the groin are out. I try to visualize what I would do in the ring(besides getting my clock cleaned). First, I don’t think I would willingly go to the ground the way a lot of the fighters do. Also, I think some wardoff and yielding would work. Against the jab, the most we can do is parry. We have to get in close, but refuse to wrestle. Must use the tai chi techniques. I do think we could have great success against the high kicks a lot of fighters throw, just take it and yield and rotate it into a grab and pull down, or press push down. Of course, these guys are fast and it’s very possible you’ll get a foot in the face and not even see it coming. But I do think a tai chi person could be very effective in the cage. Just don’t send in your grandmother who learned tai chi at the senior center!

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