Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | May 6, 2009

Dorothy Day

Chalk it up to synchronicity, or perhaps the hidden workings of the holy spirit. I was searching youtube yesterday for some clips of Thomas Merton, when I actually came across a few videos on Dorothy Day, one of the co-founders of the Catholic Worker Movement.  I was introduced to Dorothy Day(not in person) when I was in New York and participating in the Catholic Campus ministry, where a community of us worked with the poor via a soup kitchen and men’s shelter, various other ministries, and peace and justice issues. The one thing I remember hearing about Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker was that there were no locks on the doors or in the place at all, and that the homeless, once taken in, were allowed to stay as long as they needed. They followed the gospel call without imposing “social Service” rules and regulations. In fact, this has always been in my conscience as I pursued a 15 year career working with the homeless.

But I never researched Dorothy Day. In fact, she died while I was in New York in 1980. Fear keeps you back. Was Dorothy Day a secret Communist? A Marxist? A Radical? In truth, she was a Catholic who had the courage to speak out against the broken social order, about social justice, to stick to her convction of non violence even in the midst of what some call the most justifiable war of all time, world war II.

So, at this time in my life Dorothy Day comes into my consciousness and the Catholic Worker Movement, and I have to contemplate and read and learn more, but I wanted to share her with you today.


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