Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | May 4, 2009

Waves; Energy; Tai Chi

I’ve been caught up in the physics thing again, mainly because it’s so awesome, and holds so much for us to explore and understand, and gives us a lot to contemplate in terms of the universe and ourselves. So, caught some lectures from the University of Berkeley by a Professor Richard Muller on waves and their properties and it’s amazing stuff.
Everything in the universe is energy, waves, and the question arises, what are these waves riding on? In the lecture, the Prof demonstrates with a piece of rope, and what we see is the wave, and he explains that the wave is riding on the rope, and then asks, what is the rope…so…that’s the metaphor. Everything is vibrating within the electromagnetic spectrum, and electromagnetism is one of the four fundamental forces of the universe.

When we practice tai chi, we are playing with these forces, experiencing the existence of waves, energy, electromagnetic fields, and probably something beyond or different from electromagnetic fields, something I will call a chi field, the chi energy that is both part of us, pre-natal chi, and which we get as we live, through food, nutrition, air, etc. So, still exploring these concepts, but magnetism is very cool, and if you’ve ever pushed two magnets together and seen them either snap together or repel each other, I have to say that intuitively there’s something to it. Except for some anecdotal experience that could be interpreted to back this up, I do have to say it is still in the realm of intuitive theory, but I do think it is possible to create and control a field of energy where you can attract or repel an opponent. I know there are many instances where “masters” claim to have this ability, and it’s a shame some people are compelled to fake it or really believe they can and convince willing students to cooperate unwittingly; but I wouldn’t want this to obscure the possibility that certain very cool things are possible.


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