Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | May 2, 2009

Chi and Your Environment

If your chi is strong, you can affect the environment around you; also what you project through your thoughts and mind can also affect the environment around you. This takes a lot of energy, so you really have to be built up. Also, negative thoughts, projected negative energy is not a good idea! It depletes your chi and rebounds on you. I’m speaking to things here I know to be true from anecdotal experience of my own and from intuitive experience.

Keep your chi strong and vibrant–lots of sleep, good nutrition, exercise(walking most recommended), and tai chi and chi kung and meditation. All these things build up a strong current of chi flow.

If you are in a situation where you are being harassed, not treated right, you have to really work to put your thoughts in the right place. First, you can throw up a force field of energy around you that is palpable to others. When you walk in the room, they will feel right away that they ought not mess with you. Then, you have to understand that confrontation, having enemies, all this is not good for you. And, it is better for you to wish good things for the other person, that there be a positive transformation for them, because then they will be in a place where it will be natural for them to treat you correctly, with respect, dignity, and even love.  Emotions are very powerful. I have experienced situations where people have very hateful, negative emotions, and it is an energy that is palpable and real. I have also experienced people who exude love, confidence, and positive emotions, and that too is very palpable and real. The former is highly destructive to the person with those emotions, the latter very good.

So, work on building the chi, and everything else will follow.


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