Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | April 30, 2009

The tai chi atelier/studiolo

I had a wonderful professor at Columbia University named Karl Ludwig-Selig who was a wealth of information, a great teacher, had a special way about him, and was quite a character. A true scholar in every sense of the word. His class on the rennaissance was excellent, and he covered Vasari’s Lives of the Artists, and the words atelier and studiolo would roll off his lips like magic.

The atelier was an artist’s workshop, the studiolo a private work room for study, private meetings, and experimentation. The tai chi studio is in the same vein. It is a place for learning, for studying the finer aspects of the art, of exploring the deeper meanings in the tai chi mov es. There is a wealth of research to be done in tai chi. The studio itself, or studiolo, is a mix of workout room and place for intellectual and spiritual pursuit. There should be a feeling of reverence and respect in the room. Incense is great for purifying a space, as well as soft lighting and candles. Reference materials should be available as well as tools, in this case, weopons for study and practice. Tai chi is an art, and what better place than a tai chi studiolo to practice in.

Until I learn how to hyperlink, I’m including here a link to a rennaissance studio so you can get the feel of what it looked like and what it was for, and by extension imagine what a tai chi studiolo would look like.

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