Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | April 28, 2009

Wei Chi and Swine Flu

The daily practice of tai chi and qi gong helps build up your “wei chi,”  immune system, or the outer layer of protection, sort of  an armor of chi. The alchemization and purification of your spinal fluid in the dan tien helps strengthen your inner immune system as well. Remember, when I use language like alchemy, it is metaphoric for something that is actually happening in your body that’s hard to describe.

There has also been a lot of new information on the benefits of vitamin D supplementation, and I’ve added a new link on my site to a Dr. Ronald Hoffman, who has a radio show on WOR, because he’s the one I heard it from. So, check oout his site and read up on it, but apparently, vitamin D may be able to protect us from a host of diseases, including possibly, swine flu.

So, while the media spends all day and night telling us not to panic about a possible pandemic, I suggest a round or two of chi kung or tai chi, a good meal, lots of rest, and just keep adding those layers of protection to your body.


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