Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | April 26, 2009

World Tai Chi Day the day after

I want to say thanks to my friend and student Shaka Georges for organizing a get together for world tai chi day. It’s weird that in practicing tai chi for 9 years, I have yet to go into New York to see all the groups. But we had a lot of fun yesterday in the South Orange Mountain reservation. Shaka demonstrated a form known as vajra fist, and it was very cool. I led the group in the 8 pieces of brocade and demo’d the beginning of wu style. We started with about 10 minutes of zhan zhuang, standing meditation, and it was interesting because I was on uneven ground, and had fun exploring the energies inside my body, standing still, finding a center of balance on an uneven surface.

I also want to give a shout out to Leon Crowley, a martial arts instructor from East Orange, NJ(  At the end of the day, we talked and “sparred” a bit. I put it in quotation marks because it was very controlled and consisted pretty much of me asking him how to get out of certain situations and how to execute counter moves to moves. So, I had him put me in a behind the back choke hold, and then tell me how to get out. Leon is very knowledgable and I picked up some excellent techniques. He showed me numerous arm bars and locks, how they work, and how to counter them, and counter counter. He knows the pressure points that make these techniques effective. I’m also humble enough to say I had him allow me to try some of the tai chi techniques I’ve learned over the years, and in the particular situation, they didn;t work. Not to say tai chi doesn’t work, but for what we were doing, it was better to do something else.

So, thank you to Shaka and Leon for being giving and sharing.

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