Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | April 26, 2009


I believe we are all called to holiness. What does this mean? Is this only for the religious, the saints? Well, we are all called to become saints. It means being called to being fully human, to being developed and evolved. I might even equate holiness to the kung fu concept of having good gong fu–knowing what to do–but knowing what to do as a human being. Making the right decisions, doing what’s right for others, for society, for the world. Living according to proper principles. Being innocent and loving and compassionate and a force of justice. Purifying ourselves of the mundane, the worldly, the petty concerns and obsessions, the pet peeves–at Starbucks, co workers and managers used to love to tell us what their particular pet peeve was as a way of getting us to do or not to do something. My pet peeve was pet peeves. Get over it. Why have a pet peeve. Just communicate clearly what you want. Sorry for the digression. So purify yourself of what the I Ching calls the inferior things so that you can progress to the superior self. And become holy the way you were meant to be holy. And you know what, you can start with a smile. Whatever else is going on, put a genuine smile on your face and it will always get you going in the right direction.

Interestingly, most tai chi instructors would have you put a slight smile on your face when you begin practicing and learning chi kung and tai chi! It relaxes the facial muscles and gets you started on the road of being calm and relaxed. I resisted for a while because I prefer the romantic martial art movie eye of the tiger thing like I’m gonna kick your

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