Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | April 20, 2009

Learning to Heal in the Martial Arts

One of the cool things in traditional martial arts movies is that the master usually knows how to heal people and has knowledge of herbs for healing. It’s also comforting to know that your sifu knows how to set bones! But I mention this as an ongoing discussion of  the unconditional love post. As martial artists, we should learn to heal first, how to make things whole. My knowledge on these things is superficial, but is an opportunity for me to learn more. When we “play” tai chi chuan, we are mimicking the balance of yin and yang and the interplay of the two. This balance brings health and wellness.

From the free flow of chi throughout the body, doesn’t there come a free flow and outpouring of love? The dichotomy is there in the martial arts. I mean, how much love am I showing you as I’m crushing your windpipe and blinding you? But, this dichotomy, I think, is superficial. The martial artist acts from proper principles, and it is from the motivation of love, I think, that he or she would get into a scrape in the first place.

I think it’s interesting to point out also that in most doos or kung fu schools, there is a dynamic of love, for the sifu and other students who become part of a family, a love for the art they are practicing, and an overflow of love that comes out of the practice itself.  A group of people practiving qi gong together, or even we individually, are creating positive energy that is not only healing for us but healing to the world. That positive energy, that positive vibration, vibe, gets sent out. We don’t practice tai chi or qi gong angrily and agressively. We do it peacefully, with a smile on our face and a smile in our heart. This aspect of chi I believe in. I believe in monks and nuns of all faiths being the ones who are keeping the earth from spinning out of control. Yes, I know this is metaphoric language, but it is a metaphor for something that is true, that cannot be explained in words.


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