Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | April 20, 2009

In the Image and likeness of God

Are we a creation, created in the image and likeness of God?  If we ask this question in all of its mystery and unknowing, it becomes more palatable. As an image of tao, a likeness, in physical form, but also comprised of mental, mind, consciousness, and spirit, I am a reflection of the divine spark, of the source of life. In stillness I am as close to it as I can be. In motion, for example in tai chi, in the slow, flowing, harmonious motion of tai chi and chi kung, I am the universe in motion, I am an image of God in motion, I am the tao itself in motion.

The world, the earth, nature, the universe, all images and likenesses of a creator, the manifestation of a consciousness beyond our understanding, but we have the world, the earth, nature, ourselves to study, to get a glimpse of what is hidden in all of it. How much can I learn about Michelangelo by looking at his work? How much can I know about Shakespeare by reading and watching his plays? How much do I know about Lao Tze by reading the tao de ching? How much do I know about “God” by being in awe of our world, our existence, by practicing tai chi? We are the work, we are the play, we are the creation, we are the art. We are the image and likeness of that thing we wish to know.


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