Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | April 18, 2009

Unconditional Love

In the Catholic framework, God loves us unconditionally. We are called to love one another unconditionally as well. There is a transformative and healing power to love. Thomas Merton said, I may not know God, I may notunderstand him, but I know love, and God is love, so, it’s in the bag, one of his favorite expressions.

I’m trying to find the connection between unconditional love and tai chi. The I Ching calls us to not act out of the ego. When we let go of the connivings of the ego, then we are free to l ove without conditions. Intuitively, I would have to say that  principles of love and compassion are inherent qualities of the tao, of the way. The tai chi person, balanced, in harmony, in rhythm, would find it natural to love unconditionally. It is not in the nature of tai chi to be agressive, manipulative, controlling(well, maybe controlling in the sense of controlling your opponent with some chin na moves, but that’s not the point here). The founder of aikido, ushiba morehei, called his art, the art of peace. Tai chi is the same.

For a while I felt that while I was called to love, I could not give love unless it was accepted. Similarly with forgiveness. I cannot forgive someone if they are not repentent and sorry. So, I carry myself quietly with a quiet heart. Love and forgiveness and compassion are there for the taking



  1. Great conversation to have, and relevant for other styles of martial arts as well!

  2. “It is always better to leave fame to others.”
    Good comments.

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