Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | April 17, 2009

The Tai Chi Circle of People in Your Life

I saw someone today who I haven’t seen in years. As the I Ching says, people come and go, as they must, stay to the center, and be aware of it. I haven’t spent time interpresting what this person represents for me, what I can glean from it. But it’s a matter of interpretation, like jungian dream interpretation. Who are the people in your life? Who makes up your circle. Who has moved on? Who is still here? Are you open and receptive to new people coming into your life.

The I Ching also warns about the kind of company you keep. Bad influences are bad. Surround yourself with good influences. Like attracts like.

People are like archetypal templates. Figure out what they mean to you and what they represent. It’s a great exercise for self discovery and knowledge. This works in dreams too. What do the peope you are dreaming about signify?

You know, I’ve entered this world of blogging and youtubing in March of this year. Maybe it’s been a month. But I’m excited about the potential for community building, and learning and friendship making. So, take a look at your circle.


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