Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | April 15, 2009


I want to be zen. I want to stay to the center and allow the world to arrange itself around me. I want to be Thomas Merton. I want to live in a cave in some very very high mountains. I want to breath fresh air. I want to do tai chi all day long in as zen a way as possible.



  1. You have good taste in gurus! ~DQ

    • Yeah, except they’re all dead! Ha. Anyway, trying to be open and receptive actually for another guru to walk into my life. I really don’t like the term guru cause it’s kind of cultish, but a teacher to help guide me through the next phase. In fact, maybe I’ll blog about gurus!. You mentioned a few people in your first video on meat eating…gurus?

  2. Hey Mike,
    I love Thomas Merton, too. In particular, Mystics and Zen Masters.

    • I was introduced to Merton’s writings in college and it led to my practice of contemplation and centering prayer, which has evolved into my practice of tai chi, chi kung, and seated silent meditation and contemplation. (He was a cistercian monk who was very prolific writer), I had at one time audio tapes of his lectures and it’s so cool hearing his voice. Similar to my discovering Alan Watts recently and hearing and seeing him on Youtube. It’s so awesome.

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