Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | April 13, 2009

Let Go, Let God

This Letting go was a popular concept for a while in my catholic days at Columbia University. Letting go, letting God meant leting go of trying to control and manipulate situations in life, and trusting in a higher power, recognizing our own helplessness and dependence on a higher power. The I Ching, or Book of Changes, also encourages us to follow proper principles and allow “the sage” to work.

Acceptance is a difficult concept for Americans to deal with. We’ve been  taught not to accept, not to acquiesce, not to give in. But I don’t think  this is the essence of the teaching.  Here, acceptancce is more of a wise understanding of the Way, and accepting the truth of things. It is not an acquiescence or giving up, but a choice forward into the slipstream of the way, of the proper way of doing things.

It is to truly accept, like a gift, one in which we say thank you, a gift of a life that is creative, spontaneous, adaptable, wise, in the flow, in sync, and balanced. It is to accept the gift of harmony like a birthday gift.

Even adversity is a gift to be accepted and explored and used for learning, development, and forging in the fire.

So, let go, let god, let the sage, let the tao. Stop trying, out of ego, to make the earth rotate against its axis. But don’t confuse acceptance with acceptance, if you know what I mean! Ha!


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