Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | April 13, 2009

Eyes Wide Open

The more you practice a spiritual discipline, meditation, contemplation, tai chi, chi kung, the harder it becomes to participate in a corrupt paradigm. Through a series of mini enlightenments, or one big enlightenment, we tend to wake up and open our eyes, and recognize the brokenness of a system that grinds on. The more you strip yourself of the personae or masks or false selves, the less able you are to be part of the hoax, to wear the masks off and on. The stronger you get in the spiritual life, the more clearly certain ways become a joke, and you laugh at their absurdity. Yes, clarity can be a burden! It’s sometimes a whole lot easier to just go along with the program, not make waves, be a good boy or girl and obey. 

But remember this: when a framework operates to control you with conformism, fear, violence, injustice, and cruelty, there ain’t no going along with the program. Totalitarian and fascist tactics, whether in government or a corporation you work for, are deadly, and should be resisted.

So, do the work of eyes wide open, and live your life accordingly.



  1. step by step by step we advance and progress. The spiritual journey is a long one, but ultimately a rewarding one.

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