Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | April 8, 2009

8 ounces deflects 1,000 pounds

In tai chi, I avoid using the martial term, “block.” The block in tai chi is more a deflection. Combined with the ward off and yield movements of tai chi, the tai chi player, intercepts an incoming hit by connecting with it, rotating with it, and deflecting it away rather than trying to stop it like an oncoming train. So, if my forearm were to deflect a punch, I would try to connect a little hight up my opponent’s arm, than rotate my forearm anf slide it along his arm either up or down, pulling him off balance, and opening him up for another technique to neutralize the attack. Think of a spinning tire bouncing off a stone that is thrown at it. Or even a spinning vortex that would suck the object in and then spit it out. It makes much more sense to get out of the way than to take it head on!


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