Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | April 7, 2009

The Universal Mind of God

So, for me, right now, the burning question is: Is there a universal mind of god, a universal consciousness, a collective unconscious, as Carl Jung posited, that I can tap in to, that I can access? Are we in fact all connected, all one thing? Can I send messages to another person using just my mind? Esp, astral travel, out of body, all that jazz? Or is it all flares and helium balloons(a reference to a ufo hoax this winter in Morris County, New Jersey)

I’ve given some effort to exploring these things, but have not experienced them and don’t want to go down some worm hole seeking something that’s not the main point anyway. I have experienced, however, an innate understanding, an inner knowing, an anecdotal experience that these things are real, that someday, someone, s a result of their practice, will be able to pull off some supernatural stuff, but, again, not the point; that would just be a side benefit. The goal, I guess, is spiritual purification and development, becoming truly who we are, stripping away the masks and peronae to become authentic selves.

I believe thought power is real. That thoughts are things, do have waves and vibrations, and that you can influence the world around you. I’ve always teased with friends that it is the benedictine monks in Elmira New York that are keeping the world from spinning out of control! But I’ll give that credit to all monks and nuns living a holy life in all religions sending out positiv e vibrations.

Anecdotally, i can tell you that I believe, intuitively, that there is a divine spark in all things and people, apparent in some, quite hidden and dulled in many others; I believe there is a divine consciousness that is intelligent, that we are a part of,

Ans perhaps the best “answer” I can give, what is proof and evidence to me, is this: human consciousness. The very fact that I am conscious and aware, that I can think, that I have emotions, that I can go with my heart, has to come from somewhere. If, as taoists believe, I am it, I am the process, I am the tao, then if I have consciousness and awareness, de facto so does the tao. If it is as in my catholic world, that I am created in the image and likeness of God, and that instilled in me is the consciousness or spirit of God, then I suppose that’s ok too.

So, sit in meditation and contemplation, do chi kung and tai chi, walk in the mountains, and experience the universal mind of god for yourself.


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