Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | April 7, 2009

Keeping Healthy; Healing Self.

One of the things tai chi does is it gets you in touch with your body. You get to learn and experience the inner workings, you become sensitive and aware of what’s going on, so you have more opportunity to fix yourself and heal yourself. Tai chi and chi gong in and of themselves, if practiced on a regular basis, are good for you, physically. From the simple stretching and strengthening of muscles, ligaments, and tendons, to the gentle internal massaging, similar to yoga, of the internal organs, lymph glands, and lymph nodes, to the bringing in of oxygen to those organs, to the metaphysical transformation or alchemization(these things describe something that is true about the body but isn’t fully understood) of jing to chi to shen, physical essence, transforming apple juice, let’s say, to chi, or life force, to shen, a spiritual, heightenend energy. Alao, tai chi promotes the free flow of chi. In chinese thought, all illness is the result of blocked chi somewhere in the body.

So, the point being, you can heal yourself, with the mind, with your own body, and at the very least, through understanding your body and what’s going on, point yourself in the right direction to get the correct help.

There is an intimate mind body connection that we are dulled to and fail to recognize. But the mind, the body, and the emotions are indeed one system. So, the really cool thing about tai chi, is that if you dissolve, say, a physical ailment, you may actually be dissolving away some emotional issue that has been dragging you down for years. You don’t need to even know what it was. The same, I believe, holds true for illnesses. Stress, worry, anxiety are the big killers! Get rid of them.


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