Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | April 6, 2009

Alan Watts

Got acquianted with some Alan Watts philosophy this weekend. I have a book on Taoism by him which I read a few years ago, but it didn’t stand out in my mind, so I never picked up on what a brilliant cool guy he was. In any event, there are a lot of video and audio clips on youtube of him so I recommend checking out some of them. His presentations on comparative world views are really good. So, take a sidetrip with Alan Watts for a while.  Just go to youtube and search alan watts and you’ll get to them.



  1. also, if you find time/desire – check out
    i’m not spamming, i’ve listened to ALL the watts i can find (i’ve even contacted his son mark who still lives near sausalito, CA), and i’ve read 25+ books of his. point being, if you like alan (i love him), you may very well resonate well with the teachings of osho.

    once you register (completely free), there are thousands of hours of audio discourses, and hundreds of books. again, all free. check it out!

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