Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | April 3, 2009


Leadership has many qualities: knowing what to do–gong fu–wisdom, knowledge, ability, decision making abilities. The tai chi way is a great way to lead. A tai chi person is adaptable to change, can make decisions quickly by using intuition backed by logic and know how and understanding. A tai chi person takes in the whole picture and is not blinded with tunnel vision. There is an awareness of the situation, and a calm awareness at that so that he is able to act without hesitation.

Leadership also involves motivating others. I reject completely any notion of fear based leadership. Leadership should be based on mutual respect and even love. And trust. Do your people trust you, for example, to have their best interests at heart, trust you that you will come up with the best way to achieve an objective, trust that you are not acting out of the ego, that is, for selfish reasons or greedy motivation.

A leader recognizes his people’s strengths and weaknesses and can play to those strengths while coaching the weaknesses. A leader knows how to build a team and build team morale. Clear communication and clear expectation. Positive reinforcement and proper feedback when necessary. If a member of the team isn’t measuring up, the tai chi person has the strength and fortitude to move them out.


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