Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | April 3, 2009


Some people are naturally intuitive. Some people are logical. Some people are somewhere in the middle. I wanted to say that tai chi develops your ability to think intuitively, but I don’t know if I can confirm that personally because most people attracted to tai chi are intuitive thinkers to begin with. A type, logical thinkers, may not be interested in an esoteric martial art like tai chi. Hapkido or karate or taekwondo for them! I may be totally wrong about this so if you know of or are or consider yourself an atype personality(I’m even using this term loosely), and you love tai chi, let me know!

In any event, I will say that the practice of tai chi does develop and strenghten, if you tend to be an intuitive thinker, your intuitive abilities. After all, what intuitiion is, in large part, is knowing what to do–gong fu! Intuition has a sense of the magical to it, that things come to you out of thin air. I think it’s a combination of logical learning, practice, experience, awareness, and having the courage to follow your gut and your instincts. A lot of times, you will end up making the wrong choice or doing the wrong thing or not quite hitting the mark, but I also think that that is part of the process. A lot of times you have to go down the wrong path to figure out where you really need to go.

Intuition, then, I guess, is wisdom. KNowing what to do. But it is also a sixth sense that comes with being in tune, being aware, being in sync. There’s a lot going on in this world that we are not aware of but is working in our lives. So, when you have that sixth sense, that the phone is going to ring or that you shouldn’t get on that plane, you have to decide whether to trust your intuition or not, and the practice of tai chi and meditation gives you the confidence to trust in yourself.

So, when you’re faced with serious decisions in your life, weigh the pros and cons, make smart choices, do toyr research, and in the end, trust your heart, your gut, and your instincts.


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