Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | April 1, 2009

Life Boat

Sometimes, taoism feels like being in the ocean in a lifeboat. Without oars, you just kind of let the ocean take you whereever it takes you. Really, an a type personality might try to row, and there are probably some a type personalities who just might row all the way across the ocean, but for the most part, like, what’s the point. So, enjoy the ride(assuming you have food and water and access to wordpress), (ok, youtube), and I guess life, realistically, is more like, you probably have just a finite amount of water and food and your youtube video is frozen, but, the point being, does the taoist just go with the flow, and not grouse about the ocean not taking it there instead of there? Or is the taoist prepared from the beginning and is in a boat with engines and sails and is a captain etc.? Or does the taoist use his skills of adaptability and make a sail out of his pants and figure out a way to get fish to jump into the boat?

It’s interesting to ponder these questions for me. And, there ought to be a slew of jokes that go like, a taoist, a confucian, and a buddhist all walk into a bar…



  1. I’d say the answer to your question is myriad. It all depends on the individual Taoist.

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