Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | March 30, 2009

One Part Moves, All Parts Move

So, In the tai chi classics, ti states, when one part moves, all parts move, when one part stops, all parts stop. This is the concept of developing whole body movement for strength and grace and poise and balance. Evertything begins at the waist. It helps to try not to move the arms and hands at all, well, a little bit, but propelled by the waist and feet. It helps to envision mechanical gears inside the body, the big gear in the dantien, the smaller gears connected along the way, up the chest, into the shoulders, down the arms, and to the hands and fingers.  Another hint is to envision a string of pearls connected throughout the inside of your body, so that, as you move forward, say, into a bow and arrow stance, the arm will rise, and as the waist turns, the arm will rotate out.

When we first learn tai chi, our teachers will separate the movements of the legs, arms, waist, torso so we can figure out what we are doing. The trick is to then put it all together and make it one motion, arms, legs, waist, torso together. This builds our coordination and whole body movement.


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