Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | March 27, 2009

Stay within your circle

Tai chi chuan is an in close fighting style. It’s very imortant not to overextend yourself, to try reaching your power. This is one of the most important life lessons I’ve taken from tai chi. Now, in practice, we practice a bit beyond our capabilities so we can improve our reach and power and skill. But when we use it in a real situation, we stay within ourselves. So, stay within yourself! Don’t over extend, and watc h the magic work!



  1. Have you noticed your ability to do things without thinking has gotten better with martial arts, like catching something that’s falling? It’s cool. Sometimes it verges on the amazing. Bodyguarding I would think is a mix of being no mind so that you can react without thinking, and total mindfulness and awareness of the situation…

  2. I have reached a stage where Thought and action are one . Sometimes when i am dreaming i find myself moving

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