Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | March 27, 2009

Self- development and Cultivation

The tai chi way is a way of self development and cultivation. We are evolving into  better human beings, becoming the best that we can be, uncovering and discovering the amazing potential of what it means to be fully human. The traditional martial artist evolved out of a culture where he was the “hero.” And while we don’t live in a world here where we are fighting bare handed to protect the village, the need for heroes is still there. There is a need for people who are aware, who have developed their consciousness, who have character and integrity. Who are attuned to the holiness of life. Who cherish nature and are protective of it. Who stand against exploitation and greed. Who protect others against agression. Who treat others with respect and dignity. Who value truth. Who are balanced and in rhythm with life. Who live simply. Who have developed knowledge and wisdom.

There is a better way. The Tai chi way is one way to get there. Open up your eyes. See. Listen. Center yourself. Don’t be seduced down the wrong path by distractions and illusions. Thomas Merton once wrote that the greatest danger to the spiritual life is illusion.

The ineffable life force that is the essence of all things is amazing, and we can experience it in tai chi; we can become aware of it. So go for it, sit in your stance, put your palm out and feel it. It’s there. Let the energy pass into you and through you.

Our potential is also amazing. Follow your heart. Listen to your heart. And stop accepting that life has to be this way or that. Don’t act out of the ego. Act out of what you know is right in your heart.


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