Posted by: Mike Ferruggia | March 27, 2009

Kitchen tai chi and steering wheel tai chi

I like to practice tai chi everywhere! I’ve bicycle kicked quite a few doors in my day! It’s fun to see them slam shut! When I’m in line somewhere, I rop into my stance. I make any tai chi circles very small so as not to be noticed. In my kitchen, washing dishes, I sit in my stance and circle as I wash with my hands. The running water is like a fountain. And if you do a pot or two, swirl the water using your waist to generate the spin. The swirling water is mimicking the energy flow in our dan tien. I gotta tell you, I feel super strong doing this “qi gong.”

In my car, I like to trace the tai chi circle on my steering wheel. I then end up slapping the horn area, doing a cut block punch, and various other techniques. A quick strike to the sun visor is cool! Video to follow? I don’t know. There goes my credibility?


  1. oooops…i thought i was the only one doing kitchen-qigong with my jars and glasses while cooking…truly amazing!!

  2. Ah, that is brilliant! I love it! I think I will try closet tai chi tomorrow morning while picking out the clothes I’m going to wear. 🙂

    • Cool, just be careful! Closets can be dangerous places, but tai chi is built for in close fighting! I recommend a lot of high pat the horse and part the wild horse’s mane when browsing through the clothes.

      P.S. You look good in black.

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